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  • US nuclear regulators probing leak at Honeywell uranium plant

  • Honeywell confirmed the Sunday evening leak at its <b>Metropolis</b>, <b>Illinois</b> plant, saying it was due to an equipment failure. There were ...
  • 25 days ago
  • The Trouble With That Noxious Haze At The Illinois Nuclear-Fuel Plant

  • The main threat from uranium hexafluoride, the gas that leaked at a Honeywell plant in <b>Metropolis IL</b> on Sunday night, does not derive from i...
  • 24 days ago
  • Honeywell plant in Metropolis misclassified leak

  • FILE - In this Jan. 18, 2011 file photo, the Honeywell Specialty Materials plant is seen in <b>Metropolis</b>, <b>Ill</b>. Honeywell didn&#39;t pro...
  • 10 days ago
  • Super Museum in Metropolis, Ill., began with a Superman lunchbox

  • Reporting from <b>Metropolis</b>, <b>Ill</b>. — Growing up in the 1950s, Jim Hambrick wouldn&#39;t budge while &quot;Adventures of Superman&quot; w...
  • 7 months ago
  • Metropolis: The Real-Life Town That Superman Couldn't Save

  • Until the 1970s, the tiny southern <b>Illinois</b> town of <b>Metropolis</b> had two claims to fame: The long-demolished fort George Washington had...
  • over 1 year ago
  • How Superman saved a small Illinois town

  • Much of the film was shot in Chicago, a stand-in for the comic book&#39;s fictional Metropolis. But some folks in the real city of <b>Metropolis</b...
  • over 1 year ago
  • Steelworkers in Illinois fight another lockout by Honeywell

  • <b>METROPOLIS</b>, <b>Ill</b>. — Workers at Honeywell&#39;s uranium conversion facility here are preparing for another long fight with the multinat...
  • 3 months ago
  • Laura Qualls

  • He survives and is of <b>Metropolis</b>. Other survivors include, son, John Bramlett of Goodfield; daughter, Tabatha Bramlett of Anna; two brothers...
  • 1 day ago